Tissue Paper Resolve

You’ll remember that the idea behind this project was to take a picture a day for a year.
That idea hasn’t worked out as well as I had hoped.  I have missed quite a few days and we are only about two months in.

I haven’t given up.  I have several pictures which need to be posted.  I’ll post them then we’ll see what happens.

Picture 46

It’s been so long since I took this, I couldn’t remember why.  Now I do.  It’s a picture of the house immediately south of our kitchen.  This is the view from our patio door.  The both of the half moon windows had blinds on them until yesterday.  For some reason the blinds have been taken down.  This is a problem because the window on the right is in the master bedroom.  We can see right in now.  We don’t want to.

Picture 47

The tiny speck on the top of the highest rock is a bird.  As I was walking by this pile of rocks, I heard a bird call I didn’t know.  I figured out it was coming from this bird.  I only had my phone with me, so I tried to take pictures of it with the phone camera.  I blew it up as much as possible.  The bird was still hard to see.  After several days of trying to figure out what it was.  I got some better pictures.  I also recorded the call.  Finally,  I identified the bird as a cactus wren, a new bird for my life list.

Picture 48

The bird you can hardly see in the center of this picture is a white capped sparrow.  I thought it might be my mystery bird.  It wasn’t.

Picture 49

I guess this one could be entitled “Important Women in This Person’s Life”.  Three madonnas and the Statue of Liberty in a river rock shrine.

Picture 50

One of my nieces loves Hello Kitty.  I routinely take pictures of things I see with Hello Kitty on them.  I could do a whole 365 pictures on just this topic.

Picture 51

This odd looking creature is an Earth star.  It’s some kind of fungus.  The amazing thing is that we found these in the super wet climate of Boone, NC and in the desert of Albuquerque.  I don’t know how they can live in both places.

Picture 52

You might think this is just a lame couldn’t think of anything else to photograph, but you’d be wrong.  These are my new slippers.  I love them.

Picture 53

It’s kind of hard to see what this is because of the shadows, but it’s the remnants of a fire which someone set by one of the trails in the open space.  One of the big fears in the West is of wildfires.  This could have become one, but someone was able to put it out before it got out of hand.  Crazy.

Picture 54

We saw this giant pistachio nut just outside of Alamogordo, NM at a tourist spot.  We were on our way to one of Gail’s races in Cloudcroft.  I love kitsch like this.

Picture 55

This is a very bad picture of the telescope at the National Solar Observatory at Sacramento Peak, NM.  The amazing thing is that what you see is only about a third of the instrument. The rest of it (about 220 feet) is underground.

Picture 56

I have mixed feelings about this one. Look at the really cool ammonites in stone.  They are millions of years old.  Now they are decorations surrounding a post on a boardwalk.  It’s neat to see them, but it feels almost sacrilegious to me to use them like this.  It’s the same feeling I got when going by gravel operations in the Appalachians of Western NC  where they were mining rock, which is some of the oldest on earth, to grind into gravel to pave roads and parking lots.  It just seems wrong to me.  

Author: mastout

I'm a writer and poet who dabbles in photography. I'm interested in many things and love to learn new stuff.

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