Only a Week

 It seems like a long time since I have posted pictures.  I was surprised to learn it had only been a week.

Day 39

Neither of these is a great shot, but they both illustrate what I saw on my morning hike.  It is very dry here.  In town where vegetation is irrigated, plants are in full spring mode.  In the open space which is wild high desert, vegetation is taking its sweet time.  I saw only a couple of flowers on the first half of my walk, then I saw this Evening Primrose followed by maybe five more blooming plants on the way toward home.  Last year at this time, the area was covered with blooms.

Day 40

The lilac bush outside our kitchen door illustrates what a difference water makes.  These smell wonderful.

Day 41

Continuing with our vegetative theme…This is a plant, which was a gift, was a new one to me.  I know Christmas cacti, but this isn’t one.  It’s a Spring cactus.   Same family, different branch that blooms at different time of year.  Another thing which was news to me is that both kinds of cactus are indigenous to tropical forests.

Day 42

A few days later the Open Space is starting to show signs of spring.  This prickly pear is starting to put out flower buds.

Day 43

What is spring without baseball?  The Rockies are hot right now.  They swept the Giants in this series.

Day 44

It seems we are back to flowers. This cholla seems eager to get those flowers blooming.

Day 45

You probably can’t see him, but in the top of the spruce tree on the left, is a spotted tohee singing and singing.

Traveling On

We had barely gotten home from Moab, when I headed to Texas to visit my daughter and her family.  I took lots of pictures of our youngest grandson as any doating grandmother with a new camera would.

So many children are fascinated with their parent’s shoes.  Ryker pulled on his dad’s socks and then concentrated on getting his dad’s shoes on and laced.

Day 34

Oh the power of the word.  I asked him to stop where he was so I could take his picture.  He thought I didn’t want him to come see me.
What a sad face.  How easily words hurt.

How quickly the clouds lift.

Day 35

Texas Hill Country has a mild climate.  Things grow there that don’t grow here.
I don’t believe I have ever seen amaryllis growing outside.
Day 36

Family photos don’t have to be staid.  While waiting for everyone to get into place for the usual family holiday shots, I snapped with one of the group.  I think it is the most interesting shot I took.
Day 37

Catching Up Part 3

The formations at Canyonlands National Park are part of a vast geological area.  Thinking about the ages of the exposed rock and how long it took for the area to become as it is, certainly gives one a different perspective on one’s importance.

Day 31

                                The one dawn shot I got.  Then, my battery gave out. 
                                                                  Day 32

This is a shot of Newspaper Rock.  It is one of the most dense collections of petroglyphs I’ve ever seen.  The other amazing thing about it is that the idiots that seem determined to crap up all that is old, pristine, unique have pretty much left this alone, even though it is very accessible to the public.
Day 33

Catching Up
Part 2


It’s March.  March means the NCAA Men’s Division I basketball tournament and my annual struggle with being a loyal fan inspite of KU’s determination to play poorly when it counts.  At least they weren’t alone this year.  The supposedly very strong Big 12 was wiped out early.
Day 27

You can tell it’s afternoon because the dogs are on the couch.
Day 28

Tiny, just opened leaves on Gary’s Japanese maple.
Day 29

These are the Three Gossips a stone formation in Arches National Park.  I took many, many pictures few of which are noteworthy.  The light is intense there.  We arrive at the park at midmorning this day. Too late for good photography.  
Day 30

Catching up.

Catching Up

Somehow, I got sidetracked.  I was taking pictures most days, but not posting them.  I’m going to try to get them posted in one fell swoop.

  I call this one “Purple Pansies with Cigarette Butt”.  It was taken on the grounds of Cottonwood Mall in Uptown ABQ.  No matter how people try to beautify our surroundings, someone will always come along and crap it up.
 Day 20

This is Scout showing off her pedicure.  She hates having her toenails trimmed or ground, but they are so tough that even regular exercise isn’t enough to keep them from growing too long.

Day 21

Another shot of Scout.  She is all slopes and valleys.

Day 22

Gail’s college room mate came in from Ohio on the Southwest Chief.  Reminded me of the trains we used to ride before air travel became commonplace.
Day 23

This is the clock in the room where I tutor at Apache Elementary School.
The clock is notable because it is not only inaccurate, it is unreliable.  Everytime I use the room it is off by a different number of hours or minutes.
Day 24

This is Tweed in the last picture I took of him. He was a really nice cat.
The next day, I had him euthanized.
Day 25

Rock in rock.  These are common in the granite boulders in the openspace.
Day 26