Mash Up

Spring is a time when one day is rarely like the last.  The weather is changeable and so are my activities.  Some days are spent mostly indoors while others are so nice it is a crime to stay inside.  These pictures reflect that variety.  If there is a common theme, it is dissimilarity.

I suppose any collection would be incomplete without a selfie.  This one was taken right before I started getting ready for bed.  I had forgotten to take a picture, so this was my default. Day 14

Day 15.  The flowering plums are among the earliest bloomers each spring.

Day 16.  I spotted this truck in my neighbor’s driveway…a truck, a motorcycle and a saddle.
All popular means of transportation in the West.

Day 17 This is a new trail where there really shouldn’t be one.  People have been cutting a switchback and this is the result.  The next time we have a male rain this trail will erode badly. 

Day 18.  I took pictures but I’m not going to post them.  They are of my insurance card, my Docubank card and my list of medications.  I carry all in my wallet, but I rarely take my wallet for my walks. I do take my phone.  I thought it  would be a good idea to have them with me, so I took their pictures with my phone.  They will be accessible if I am conscious.

Day 19

I walk by these bushes almost every day.  Today it struck me that they look like the bushes on the MAACO commercial.  The one where one neighbor is trimming his hedge to hide his neighbor’s ugly car.

What Happened to Thursday?

It  took only eleven days into the Photo a Day for A Year Project to miss a day.  I didn’t realize I had until Friday when I was taking a picture of Sadie’s latest wound after it had been stapled.  I must have been too busy reading Still Alice which is about Alzheimer’s.  Seriously.

So,  here is the picture of Sadie and her staples.

 The vet was in a twit because there had been a delay in getting her in…we were dithering about whether she needed stitches or not.  Vet wanted to sedate her.  Not necessary.  Sadie is stoic.  Day 12

The second picture  is of the dogs, as well.  I have a feeling they will appear often.
Anyway, the very best heater vent in the house is in our bathroom.  All the pets love it.
They plop down right in front of it in deep contentment.  
Scout discovered it not long after she arrived.  And Sadie, being Sadie let her have the best spot.  That continued until yesterday.  Sadie refused to cede her place to Scout.  We say, “Good for you, Sadie.”

Day 13

In Like a Lamb

One Day to the Next

     Yesterday, we got about 8″ of snow.  It’s gone today.   Pretty quick, eh?  Day 8

Sunday night, this lilaac branch was bare.  This is what it looked like Monday morning.
Day 9

This is a tv screen shot taken with my iphone.  KU went on to win this game.  They don’t call it March Madness for nothing.    Day 10

If you look closely, there are two fuzzy balls in the center of this picture that don’t belong in a pine tree.  The first fall we were here in ABQ, a big wind blew two attached sycamore seed balls from our neighbor’s sycamore tree into our pine tree.  There they have remained.  It’s been about 2 and a half years now.  They are looking pretty tattered.  Day 11