Just the facts, ma’am.

Like Joe Friday, I just want the facts. I would like to read and hear news stories without bias. I just want to know what happened and why. Not the writer, editor or publisher’s version of why, but the person making the news.

I would like non news to stay non news. The latest media fabrication, that of the threatened Koran burning in Florida, is a classic example of a nonevent which would have probably gone away, being grabbed by the media and distorted. It is a relief that some in the media have the sense to question their role. http://www.nytimes.com/2010/09/10/us/10media.html?emc=eta1

Like the Fred Phelps family in Topeka, Terry Jones more than anything seeks publicity for his extremist views. The media played right into his hands, just as they often do the Phelps’s. They fan the flames rather than letting them go out.

I am tired of the media including bloggers jumping on statements and blowing them way out of proportion. This has effectively killed any attempts at civil discourse and the sharing of conflicting ideas on important topics.

I am tired of reading the same thing misinformation over and over. It’s time for news withdrawal.