External locus of control

You would think by this point in life that I would have be able to control myself. I can in so many areas. I pay my bills on time. I exercise regularly. My personal hygiene is good. I don’t say everything that crosses my mind. I clean up after myself. I take care of our pets.And on and on and on. In other words, I am a mature, responsible adult. However, there is one area where I continually, consistently can’t control myself: food and as a result weight. Despite my mental resolve to loose more weight before the end of the year, I have instead gained about seven pounds since we moved here.

I know all the rules about intake and output. I know what foods I should avoid. I know about portion control. I know to eat more slowly. I know that I should eat lots of fruit and vegetables. I know all this, but do I do it? My scales and tighter jeans say no. Because my weight is not just a vanity issue and has a direct bearing on my health, I am headed back to Weight Watchers. I will pay someone so that I can go in each week and be weighed under their eyes. Perhaps someday I will have internalized the ability to weigh myself and alter my habits when the scales start moving up.


Eight Random Things

1. Sadie is exactly the color of the fallen oak leaves.

2. I bought a rosemary plant because I love the smell when you pass your hand over the leaves. I don’t like the taste of rosemary much. The plant has developed mildew and harbors bugs, so I probably wouldn’t use it for cooking anyway.

3. I think the downside of the internet is that it allows misinformation to be disseminated so easily.

4. Christmas trees have started going to market this week.

5. It is difficult to see the forest for the trees here.

6. Is it better to wait until they burn out to replace incandescent bulbs with CFLs or just do it now?

7. Why can I have a fire in the fireplace, but cannot burn these piles of leaves? Remember that wonderful smell?

8. We spend a lot of time trying to make sense of the acts of mad men.