In the early morning rain…

This morning I saw something new. I was driving back into town from Brooklyn Lake where Gail and I had spent the night at altitude. While driving toward home, I had watched the cloudy sky shift colors as the sun made its way up toward the eastern horizon. As I was coming into town from the west, I passed through a light rain shower. When I pulled up to a stop sign and looked for approaching traffic, what I saw instead, high in the sky, was a rainbow made by the rays of the not yet risen sun.

In the cool, cool, cool of the morning

Weekday mornings, hot and sweaty from my morning workout, I leave the overheated gym. After buckling my helmet and zipping up my jacket, I fumble with the combination lock that is usually upside down. When my bike is free at last, I hop on and peddle toward home. It’s then that the cool, clear morning air hits me. Crisp and refreshing it washes over me as I gather speed. I suck in lungs’ full of the clean, mountain air and rejoice in this small thing that feels so good.

Momma Mia

Despite reading several reviews which gave the movie thumbs down, my daughter and I went to see Momma Mia while she was here for a visit. We both loved it. Everyone I have talked to who has seen it loved it. You smile. You laught out loud. You tap your toes. You start to hum, then start to sing along. Others report seeing people dancing in the aisles and singing along en masse.

It was the most fun I have had at a movie in years.

If you haven’t seen it, grab your daughter, your mother, your best friend or any other woman you know and go laugh, sing, dance.