Mosquito season

Every month there is a fee on my city utility bill for mosquito control. Laramie is in a river valley. The mighty Laramie River rises with the snow melt, flowing into low lying areas, forming perfect breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Late spring rains and snows leave enough water everywhere the water can pool even far from the flood plain. When the nights warm up enough, the billions of eggs laid by the industrious insects hatch. The blood letting begins. Now is the time to buy stock in insect repellent the smell of which replaces he scent of lilacs.

When the human and other warm blooded residents of the area are sufficiently drained, the city begins its spraying program. Late at night you can hear the drone and whoosh of the sprayers as they drive he streets fogging the city with chemicals which kill the mosquitoes. God only knows what they do to the rest of us.


People in Laramie are getting grumpy. After a long, cold winter, we are traditionally rewarded for our grit by a sweet summer. This summer has yet to come. We have barely had spring. The lilacs have just started blooming. The trees have finally leafed…most of them anyway. The winds stripped the crabapples of most of their blossems. The greenhouses are full of yet to be purchased bedding plants. Porches here and there harbor cartons of plants purchased in optimism and waiting in caution. The caution is warrented. It snowed yesterday. People are advised not to drive unless it is necessary on the roads around the mountains just west of here. We are ready for some warm weather.