Six little words

Earlier this week a friend sent me a review of a book entitled Not Quite What I Was Planning with a challenge to write my own six word memoir. I thought it sounded like fun and sent the challenge along to some friends. Only one of them, Naomi,took it up. I have received several efforts from her (Life’s journal penned in disappearing ink., I didn’t bargain for all this.) She’s still playing with it. I imagine I’ll be getting some more from her.

My first effort was: Sounds like fun; let me think.

I really like the idea of trying to condense parts of your life into such an economical statement. It’s fun to try to find very few words to represent pieces of what you’ve experienced. Gail is leaving for Tacoma today for an interview. I can sum up these past few months of our lives, when we’ve been trying to decide whether to stay in Laramie or leave, with this: You’re gone. I am here waiting.

I’ve written a lot about this winter but what I’ve written could be condensed into this: It’s cold. Will summer ever come?

I know these are riffs on what the original book wanted to do which is take the themes of your life and put them into a few words. Here’s another effort at that:
My life isn’t what I expected. Which I think really gets at one of life’s truths I’ve come to know.

I invite you to give it a try. See if you can come up with some. Put them in the comments section.