Sunrise, sunset.

As I sit here watching the sunrise, it seems like a good metaphor for this entry. Or maybe it is just a good way to spend a little time early in the morning before the day really gets started. I thought this sunrise was going to be a spectacular one and it still may be. There are a few clouds in the east which had started to pink up, but they have faded back to gray and it is still a while before the sun crosses the horizon. I’ll keep you posted as I continue to write.

I have thought a lot about what I would like to do with all that time which may comprise the next phase of my life, retirement. I have a plan. I am smart enough to know that I do need to have some idea, some goals for myself, otherwise I will just fritter the time away in frustration, boredom and futility.

Ah, now this sunrise is showing some promise. The clouds have gotten rosy, deep rose at the bottom shading to a coral at the top. The colors area deepening steadily and now are all brightening as the sun approaches. Very nice. I think I’ll just watch for a few minutes. It’s wonderful how sunrises work. They start as a tiny patch of color and grow to fill the whole sky staining clouds you didn’t even know were there. It changes constantly. Blink, it’s different. Look away, look back, it’s changed.

One thing I do want to do is take more time to observe and think about things. My life to this point has been one of generalities and dabbling. I have rarely taken the time to really explore anything deeply. I knit a little, but not very well. I write a little, but not very well. I cook a bit, but am not expert. I want to take the time to get really, really good at a few things instead of being sort of good at a lot of things.

It’s really fading now. All the clouds are the lightest pink shading back to gray.

Author: mastout

I'm a writer and poet who dabbles in photography. I'm interested in many things and love to learn new stuff.

3 thoughts on “Sunrise, sunset.”

  1. and as you are watching the lovely sunset, my son-in-law has a different story to tell about Laramie.“After Rocky took over driving, though, things changed radically. Drifting snow, blowing wind and black ice became the name of the game. The next few hours of driving grew much more ugly with cars flipped and trucks off the road… although he said it looked like the 3 or 4 trucks off the road looked more like they just parked there rather than that they had had an accident. They kept on going, slow and steady, carefully at about 15 mph until they got to Laramie, WY where they called it quits… along with every other driver that could find refuge there. Keith said the truck stop was a zoo as everyone tried to find a parking spot and overflowing with trucks, but they got settled in for the night. They’ll see what the weather has to say for their travels tomorrow…In looking at the WY website tonight, they have an advisory for light/empty trucks due to wind gusts 50+ mph… their load is 49,000 lbs – so that isn’t an issue for Keith & Rocky… just the rest of the weather… He said it was his first experience with really nasty weather and it wasn’t fun – not so much the roads, Rocky did fine with them, but the other cars were the bigger issue… people trying to pass them when they shouldn’t rather than just taking it easy when the roads were solid ice and visibility was poor. Good thing they only have 900 miles to go and delivery isn’t until Tuesday…”


  2. Not sure what happened to my original comments that I made several days ago, but here goes again. Of course, old thoughts aren’t nearly as good as the first time around. aka 1) retirement will include writing for you at least I hope so, you are so fun to read. 2) Keith (Deanna’s husband)was in Laramie stranded the morning you wrote this. Truckers were going 15mph before they finally gave in to the whiteouts. ugh


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