In anticipation of the winter blahs.

Disclaimer: I don’t like to shop at Walmart, but sometimes it is my only option. Shopping is very limited in Laramie. Sometimes, the only place I can find a thing in town is to go to Walmart. So I did.

I went to Walmart yesterday and bought two amaryllis. They each came in a box which had a big tablet of compressed growing medium (just add water), a pot and a big bulb. I planted them this morning. According to the blurb on the box, they should bloom in 8 to 12 weeks. That will be anywhere from the middle of January to the middle of February, just when the long, cold winter is starting to get a bit oppressive. With luck we should have some spectacular blooms to provide relief and remind us than it is just four more months until spring.


Author: mastout

I'm a writer and poet who dabbles in photography. I'm interested in many things and love to learn new stuff.

1 thought on “In anticipation of the winter blahs.”

  1. ahh, the winter blahs. ahh Wal-Mart. I too, have become a walmart shopper to survive in Sonora. A true despiser of Wal-Mart, I sneak in there on Sunday mornings when they first open to try to miss the crowds and so that I won’t go crazy with all the various kinds of music going on at once. And I have decided it’s ok. In the bigger picture of surviving life, it’s ok to go to WalMart


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